Monday, 9 February 2009

Monday Miles Intro

Monday Miles is an ad hoc running group for women runners in the Southampton area in the UK.

The folk who set up Monday Miles had been part of the Southampton Running Sisters beginners course some time in the early nineties which run in the west of the city. Laura Savage was running the course at that time, and Monday Miles was a satelite running group based in the Lordshill area. Current stalwarts are Jan Capstick and Sheila Rogers, and Anne Bradshaw has been a great supporter in the recent past. Monday Miles is not a formal part of Southampton Running Sisters, but is is very popular with their runners who make regular particiants.

Monday Miles run at a different location each week for about 45 mins to one hour, at a gentle pace. Its a sociable group, in winter we try to find imaginative locations and routes, any time that its light in the evenings (we meet at 7.00) then we try to head off road.

Jan and Sheila convene the runs and coordinate the planning meetings. Jan produces a schedule and then we meet and run.

We have a mailing list on google mail, but I think that it would help people find details if we also have a blog, so here it is!

Bit peeved to discover today that some other person has already got monday miles on blogger, so I have had to go for sotonmondaymiles as the id, however I should be able to make it the first find, since its only been used for a couple of postings since 2007, and I plan to use it for each of the monday miles runs which I use. Its ironic really because the first time I set up a blog about running it was for Monday Miles, and that was ages ago, but I got confused about setting it up, and gave the blog a really stupid name. Hey ho, things you learn!

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